Yukon Gold Mining: Who owns the gold makes the rules.

Some people might think that jumping into the Yukon gold mining game is totally crazy (Ask my family) but behind what it seems to be a good way to loose an outrageous amount of money in no time, in fact, we have some very logical reason to grow our gold mining business.

Here’s the most obvious in the Yukon gold mining industry:

Reason #1 : We can controlled the income we generate while assets are accumulated tax free. Gold produce from our operations can be inventoried; it does not come into income until it is sold to the buyer market.

Reason #2  : Yukon gold placer mining can be implemented on any scale – the size of the operation can be tailored to the size of the investment funds available. This way even the smallest player can get into the gold mining game and build a gold mining business from the ground up into a gold mining empire if he wants to.

Reason #3 : Royalties on gold production paid to the Canadian government are very low.

Reason #4 : Gold has an instantaneous market. In other word, my business don’t have to invest money in marketing in order to sell its product. If I have gold in hand I can sell as many ounces as I want the same day for the market spot price and get my money in less than 1 hour. No need to chase the customers around.

Reason #5 : All production costs and exploration expenses can be written off against income.

In conclusion, YES! You have to be a little bit crazy to take the challenge of building a gold mine in the Yukon but for the one who dare to try it, there’s a boatload of advantage that comes with it.

Will you be the next?

Yukon Gold Mining


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Remember that gold mining is a risky venture that involves a lot of money and no guarantee can be made regard to the reserve of gold, unless otherwise specified