Yukon gold mining job opportunity

Who Else wants a job on a Yukon placer gold mine?

2016 season is coming at a fast pace and we plan to grow our team!

The perfect candidate is a Heavy Machinery mechanic w/his(her) own tools who can also operate heavy machinery who worked in a placer gold mine before. We are also looking for someone with good leadership skills who can manage a future team of miners.

No drugs will be tolerated on the mine.

Only the chosen candidate(s) will be contacted.

Please send your Resume here: Karen@secondchancegoldmines.com

*We keep all the resume for the whole season so please submit only once.

Have a nice day



Yukon gold mining job


Address: 1447 Dawson City Yukon Y0B 1G0
Email: karen@secondchancegoldmines.com
Facebook Page www.facebook.com/scgmines



Remember that gold mining is a risky venture that involves a lot of money and no guarantee can be made regard to the reserve of gold, unless otherwise specified